Vested Interest Archives: March 2016

Mary Davenport Davis
March 23, 2016
My first year in college, I acted in a play called Marat/Sade, by Peter Weiss. It was a grim and gorgeous play, my first real encounter with postmodern thinking, and immense fun to be part of. Along with the other students, I portrayed an inmate in a French insane asylum fifteen years after theRead More >
Mary Davenport Davis
March 15, 2016
The church I attended as a child celebrated the Holy Eucharist with Rite I, which uses lovely, complex, slightly archaic language. Every week I turned the same words over in my mind, savoring their complexity and the pleasing roll of the syllables. Occasionally a new word or idea would emerge fromRead More >
Mary Davenport Davis
March 1, 2016
Two weeks ago I left church after Compline on a Sunday evening. Copley Square was dark and mostly deserted, and my heart was still full of the sacred stillness that had arisen out of the darkened church, the candles glimmering in the gilded chancel, the enrapturing music rising from behind theRead More >

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