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Mary Davenport Davis
October 30, 2015
Some of us will be breathing a sigh of relief on November 1st: another night of emergency costume repairs, passing out candy, and shepherding trick-or-treaters successfully navigated. Some of us will be carefully sorting our candy haul in order of preference, or steadily binging our way through itRead More >
Mary Davenport Davis
October 25, 2015
As I write this, it’s October 25th—what some are calling Social Media Sunday. Framed as a way to bring God-talk into our digital lives, this event began in 2014. Suggestions for how to observe it abound on the Internet—here and here and here, for starters. Take a selfie with your rector! InstagramRead More >
Colin Lynch
October 18, 2015
As a timid and awkward seventh grader, I went against my will to an all-boys Catholic school, run by Benedictine Monks, habits and all. I still remember going for my first piano lesson at my new alma mater with Dr. Horton, a lovable, disheveled man who changed my life when he offered to teach me toRead More >
Mary Davenport Davis
October 17, 2015
When you learn to move in a liturgical procession, it’s almost like learning to walk all over again. Clad in a dress with a funny name (cassock? Alb?), clutching your hymnal or your torch, you have to learn to step lightly, slowly but not too slowly, to keep pace with your partner, to keep two pewRead More >
Mary Davenport Davis
October 15, 2015
More than 580 acolytes, from dozens of churches from Florida to California, were in the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. last weekend for the National Acolyte Festival This is so obvious that it seems a little silly, but the first thing to strike me about the National Cathedral was how big itRead More >

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